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Beck Electric Supply Stocks a wide array of fuses ready for shipment from our shelf to your application. We are pleased to represent both Bussmann and Ferraz Shawmut Products and would love the opportunity to quote you a price.

Electrical Power Fuses
Class L Fuses
Class RK1 Fuses
Class RK5 Fuses
One Time Fuses
Class J Fuses
Class T Fuses
Class G Fuses
Class CC Fuses
Midget F Fuses
Plug Fuses

Electronic Fuses

Fuseblocks, Holders and Disconnect Switches
Overcurrent Protection Modules
Fuse Covers
Disconnect Switches
Fusible, Fusible (Enclosed)
Non-Fusible Non-Fusible (Enclosed)

Fuseblocks - Class H, K, R, J, T, CC, G, & M
Modular Fuseblocks
Panel Mount Fuseholders
Terminal Blocks
Rail Mount
Power Distribution Blocks
Power Modules

Fused Disconnect Switch
Telpower Fuses
Indicating Fuses and Holders

Electrical Power Fuses

Electronic Fuses
Surface Mount
Subminiature Fuses
5mm x 15mm Fuses
5mm x 20mm Fuses
1/4" Diameter Fuses
Pin Indicating Type Fuses
Actuators and Limiters
In-Line Fuses / Fuseholders
Blade Type Fuses

High Speed Fuses
North American Style
European Style (Square Body)
British Standard BS88
Ferrule Style

Electronic Fuses

Medium Voltage Fuses
R-Rated Fuses (Motor Circuit Protection)
E-Rated Fuses (Transformer Protection)
Din Dimensions
Medium Volt, Fast Acting
Fuse Links

British, European and Canadian Standard Fuses
Fuse Accessories
Displays and Kits

Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Fuses Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Fuses

  • Amptrap 2000 Fuses
  • Power Fuses (North American)
  • Midget, Miniature and PC Mount Fuses
  • Semiconductor Fuses
  • Medium Voltage Fuses
  • International Fuses
  • Circuit Protection Accessories
  • Busbar Systems
  • Circuit Protection Monitors
  • Fuse Blocks and Holders
  • Power Distribution Blocks

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