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Stearns Information

Stearns Information

Stearns Brakes Set the Standard for Excellence

Stearns offers the most comprehensive line of solenoid actuated brakes (SAB’s) on the market today. They have earned the reputation as the industry’s quality leader by working closely with you, our customers, understanding your needs and developing products with design features to handle your most challenging applications. Stearns has installed millions of brakes worldwide since 1935. Many brakes operating today are 40 years old or more; evidence of their product quality and reliability. Stearns electric motor brakes can be mounted directly to an electric motor or foot mounted. The compact design delivers high torque in a small size with fast, positive response and no residual drag when released. Stearns brakes can be mounted directly onto NEMA C-face electric motors without special alignment procedures. Many motor manufacturers offer a brake kit which will convert a stock fan-cooled motor into a brake motor. Stearns Solenoid Actuated Brakes feature unitized construction which makes servicing friction discs easy using only a screwdriver and wrench. The Stearns SAB ensures automatic stopping and holding any time power to the brake is interrupted. And, as with ALL Stearns products, the friction material is non-asbestos. Stearns can produce a brake which meets your specifications, including metric mounting. Chances are, they’ve already manufactured similar requirements from a long list of pre-engineered options.

Self-Adjusting Disc Brakes

Remote inaccessible locations or high cycling applications require a specially designed, low-maintenance brake that will operate at peak efficiency and provide uniform braking for long periods of time. Stearns exclusive self-adjusting feature helps eliminate the major cause of brake maintenance - friction lining wear. Self-adjusting brakes are also well suited for applications where rapid cycling requires frequent resetting of solenoid air gap. Automatic adjustment also eliminates the errors that can occur with hand adjustment. They can be easily modified to suit your particular application. Depending upon the series you select, these brakes can be direct mounted on motors ranging in size from NEMA 182TC through NEMA 505C.

Manually adjusted Disc Brakes with Automatic Reset.

It’s an unbeatable combination; the features you want most in spring-set disc brakes. Standard features now include: a unique spring design which allows for universal mounting, an air gap adjustment gauge for visual recognition that the brake needs adjustment, a new patented hub design, and genuine Stearns friction discs which are trademarked and patented. The 56 Series Brakes come in static torque ratings from 1.5 through 25 lb-ft with NEMA C-face mountings 56C, 143TC, 145TC, 182TFC and 184TFC. Ten different housing, endplate, and release configurations, with a wide variety of pre-engineered modifications, you can select from 120,000 possible combinations! In addition, for holding applications where friction disc wear is not a factor, Stearns 87,000 Series Brakes are available with an optional manual adjust. The 87,000 Series Brakes are available in static torque ratings from 6 lb-ft through 105 lb-ft, with NEMA C-face mountings, 182TC through 286TC.

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