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Marinco Information

Marinco Information

CL Series – Inline CAM connectors
Advanced devices have developed a unique "open breach" design, which permits the fastest and easiest assembly in the industry. (with standard hand tools) The CL series CAM type connectors are machined by the manufacturer to exacting tolerances. Such meticulous machining and quality control ensures a safe, reliable connection to all industry standard CAM type connectors.

  • Inline plug (male)
  • CL40-M Inline plug (female)

CL40-F Solid CL copper-to-copper connection is machined to accept conductors from 4/0 to 2/0 and smaller. The set screen fits easily beneath the cover Multi-Configuration strain relief inserts accommodate 6 through 4/0 wire. CL contacts are machined from 99% hardened copper, yielding, 20% more efficiency. Single housing and contacts fit all current requirements (200A-400A). Copper contacts exhibit superior corrosion resistance versus brass.

CL Series-Panel Mount CAM Connectors
These panel mount CAM connectors are built for use with inline type products. They are manufactured to exact tolerances and attention to detail ensure years of continued use without failure.

  • Panel mount inlet CL40MRS
  • Panel mount receptacle CL40FR

CL panel mount contacts are machined from 99% hardened copper, yielding 20% more efficiency.Rigid thermo plastic permits choice of pre tapped holes of self tapping screw, eliminating need for nuts. Copper connector is available with double set screw of threaded stud. Copper contacts exhibit superior corrosion versus brass.

CLS Series - Weather tight inline CAM connectors (Rubber)

Advanced Devices is the first CAM manufacturer to make a NEMA 3R and 4 rated rubber CAM for the highest rain and waterproof performance. This CAM is CSA and CUS listed 400A 600V - 6 to 4/0 cable ready. Not only does the CLS series perform beautifully under wet conditions but it also is the easiest and fastest to assemble and disassemble in the industry. Assembly and disassembly can be done with simple hand tools in a matter of minutes. The CLS series has a superior boot screw that threads through the entire contact for superior durability. The boot screw can handle far more torque and is not susceptible to stress breakage like many other similar devices. The CLS series connectors mate with all CAM type devices and meet 1999 NEC standards for locking type connectors.

Available colors: Black, Blue, Red, White and Green

Bates Stage Pin – 20amp Inline Connectors

The Bates 2P20G line offers familiar ease of use, improved safety features, and increased versatility thanks to new multi position strain relief inserts. Both male and female pins are machined to the finest tolerance in the industry and slotted to ensure both uniform grip and the bates hallmark ease of use.

  • Inline Plug (male) 2P20G-M
  • Inline Plug (female) 2P20G-F

Pins crafted from solid brass rods to tolerance of + or - .0005"
Male and female pins "float" to ensure proper alignment and contact
High temperature, impact resistant thermo plastic housing
Clearly marked pressure terminals reduce work load
Precision slotted female contacts are sized to provide spring contact, even on damaged pins
2 piece, multi position strain relief inserts accommodate a full range of wiring configurations
Wire shoes prevent strands of conductors from straying and prevent damage from screws bearing directly down on fine strands.

Bates Stage Pin – 20 amp Panel Mount Connectors

Built for use with the inline products, the bates panel mount products are manufactured with the same exacting tolerances and materials to with stand Years of continued use without failure. Bates panel mount devices include many features designed for safe and convenient installation.

  • Panel mount Inlet 2P20G-MR
  • Panel mount receptacle 2P20G-FR

Male and female pins "float" to allow for smooth connecting action, pins are crafted from solid brass rods tolerance of + or - .0005"
Brass screw crimp down securely on ring terminals of wire shoe connector.
High temperature, impact resistant thermoplastic housing.
Self Grounded mounting clip eliminates the need for a separate ground wire.
Precision slotted, sized female contacts insure pressure connection.

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