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LED Retrofit = Savings

LED Retrofit = Savings

LED Retrofit = $avings

We recently converted the two 1000 watt Quartz / Halogen floodlights on the front of our Richmond California offices to 80 watt E-LED floodlights and the results are phenomenal. In addition to considerable energy savings, we no longer have maintenance issues and the light is amazing.  With an annual energy savings of $322 per fixture, it is easy to show the benefits of making the switch.

Original Wattage Per Fixture: 1000  
New Wattage Per Fixture: 80  
Savings Per Fixture: 920  
Number of Fixtures Replaced:  2  
Total Watts Saved: 1840 (1.84 KW)
Annual Hours Usage @ 8 Hours Per Night: 2920  
Total Kilowatts Saved Per Year:  5372  
Energy Cost Per Kilowatt:  $.12  
Total Savings Per Year:  $644.64  

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